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We offer you access to more than 500,000 public charging points across Europe for your electric car. With just one app, one charging card and three flexible, transparent charging tariffs.

True electromobility. Everywhere.

Charging  models

We’re constantly evolving! Our new tariff model gives you affordable access to 500,000 charging points in Germany and most European countries at fixed prices per kWh.

Affordable, transparent fixed prices¹
Unified, fair prices at all charging points
National & international roaming
For drivers of all manufacturers
Plug & Charge
(DriveCity tariff and higher)
Low-cost fast charging in the
Selected Partner Network
(Drive Highway tariff)

Our tariffs in Germany

Book Elli Tariff now & get Elli Wallbox Standard with 250€ discount³

Drive Free

0.00 €
0,69 € / kWh
0,89 € / kWh
0,69 € / kWh
For occasional charging without a monthly basic fee
Monthly subscription (renews automatically)

Drive City

4.99 €
0,60 € / kWh
0,79 € / kWh
0,69 € / kWh
For regular public charging in the city
Monthly subscription (renews automatically)
Plug & Charge ready²

Most economical choice when you charge at least 40 kWh per month.

Drive Highway

14.99 €
0,54 € / kWh
0,73 € / kWh
Special price for frequent drivers and highway chargers
Monthly subscription (renews automatically)
Plug & Charge ready²
including low-cost fast charging in the Selected Partner Network

Most economical choice when you charge at least 60 kWh per month.

It is possible to change to a higher tariff on a monthly basis.

Blocking fees apply.
AC charging after 240 minutes 0.05 € / minute. Not between 9 p.m. and 9 a.m.
DC charging after 90 minutes  0.15 € / minute.

Selected Partner Network

Our Selected Partner Network ensures optimal charging stops through strong, high-performance charging infrastructure with on-site convenience and outstanding operational reliability. Users of our Drive Highway tariff also benefit from exclusive, cheaper charging tariffs.

reliable and convenient fast charging network (currently including IONITY, Ewiva, Audi charging hub and Aral pulse)
continuous quality control for optimal operational reliability
ongoing update of the active charging points in the app
reduced charging prices³ in the Drive Highway tariff

Plan,charge, drive, optimize.
Intuitively and easily in your app.

Simple to configure

Choose the charging tariff that suits you best (all are highly straightforward), and upgrade flexibly if you wish. Automatic payment by credit card. We only need minimal information from you.

Easy to manage

Quickly find charging points near you based on real-time map data – complete with availability status of charging stations.

Great user experience

Just the features that really make sense. View a simple analysis of your charging process, and your billing history.

Get started now

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4. Get charging!
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Many brands – one tariff model

It’s all getting easier. We are standardizing the tariff models for multiple Volkswagen Group charging services: SEAT and CUPRA Easy Charging, Powerpass and Volkswagen We Charge. That's because many of the custom e-mobility solutions of these brands are powered by an Elli development.

For more information about a particular brand, click here:

Different brand? No problem!

The Elli tariff can of course also be used by drivers of other brands such as Hyundai, Kia, Peugeot, BMW and many more.

Advice and service

Any questions about the Elli app or our tariffs?
Our customer service team is happy to advise and assist.
Free of charge, Mon-Sun from 6 am to 10 pm

¹ Fixed prices apply in Germany and in most countries in Europe. Time-based rates apply in some countries: in Austria, France, Slovenia, Estonia, Lithuania and Finland.
² If vehicle supports this functionality. Contact your vehicle manufacturer for more information.
³ Discounts for users of the Drive Highway tariff only apply to charging points included at the time of usage.
* Free phone number. Calls from mobile networks may be subject to charges depending on the provider. If your telephone provider does not support this number, ask them to activate ‘00800’ numbers. The charges depend on the tariff of your provider. Roaming charges may apply when calling from abroad.