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Volkswagen Naturstrom

Product information

Is there any difference in the electricity that comes out of the socket?

There are no physical differences in the currents coming out of the electric socket. The origin of production is the only differentiating factor: for every kWh you consume, we feed 100% Volkswagen Naturstrom from renewable energies into the grid and ensure that your money goes into sustainable energy generation, not fossil fuels.

How do I know I am receiving sustainable energy?

TÜV Nord annually checks the origin of Volkswagen Naturstrom, and thus ensures that our electricity does not come from unclean sources such as nuclear or coal-fired power plants. The CO2 neutrality and purchase of electricity from green power plants in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are certified. 100% of Volkswagen Naturstrom comes from renewable energies.

What is a price guarantee?

For the product Volkswagen Naturstrom Blue we grant you a limited price guarantee for a period of 12 months and for the Volkswagen Naturstrom Classic24 product for a period of 24 months from the start of supply. For this period, we guarantee not to adjust prices due to changes in grid usage fees, billing, procurement, distribution and other administrative costs.

In all other respects, the right to adjust prices in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions for the Supply of Volkswagen Naturstrom Special Customer Contract (end consumer)("AGB") in the version relevant to the supply relationship and incorporated herein shall remain unaffected. You will of course be informed by us in good time of any price adjustments. We will do everything we can to keep prices stable for you.

What services do you offer in addition to electricity?

As an energy and electric mobility solutions provider, we want to supply you not only with sustainable electricity, but also with other energy-related customer solutions. We will soon be offering comprehensive charging solutions for electric vehicles. We are working hard to continuously expand our product range so we can offer innovative and reliable products out of one hand.

Is Volkswagen Naturstrom more expensive than other offers because it provides electricity from renewable sources?

Volkswagen Naturstrom is a green electric product produced from 100% renewable sources. Green electricity can, in some cases, be more expensive than so-called “grey electricity”, which is generated in fossil and other conventional power plants. This, however, does not necessarily apply by default. Volkswagen Naturstrom is generally cheaper than the basic and replacement supply of an average local supplier. As a Volkswagen Naturstrom customer, you are contributing to the Energiewende and, in most cases, even save money compared with tariffs from basic suppliers.

What is my contract period?

The minimum contract term of your Volkswagen Naturstrom Blue is 12 months and that of your Volkswagen Naturstrom Classic24 is 24 months. The contract term is extended indefinitely after expiry of the minimum contract term if the contract is not terminated in due time and form. After expiry of the minimum contract term, you can terminate the contract with one month's notice.

Where does Volkswagen Naturstrom originate from?

Volkswagen Naturstrom is generated from eco-power plants in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Why should I choose Volkswagen Naturstrom? What advantages does Elli's sustainable electricity rate offer me?

With Volkswagen Naturstrom, you are opting for a green-electricity tariff that guarantees transparent prices and a simple switching process – without hidden costs. There are also four good reasons to become a Volkswagen Naturstrom customer:

  • 100% green energy: You receive 100% renewable electricity for your home and electric vehicle – simple, affordable and sustainable.
  • Expansion of renewable energies: We promote the expansion of renewable energies and sustainable power generation plants – we contribute to the Energiewende.
  • Safety & reliability: We guarantee the usual reliability from day one – reliable provider switch and continuous power supply.
  • Fully compatible & future-proof: Volkswagen Naturstrom and other Elli products and services are compatible with all Volkswagen Group products – today as well as in the future.

What is Volkswagen Naturstrom?

Volkswagen Naturstrom is the sustainable and 100% renewable electricity rate of Elli, a brand of the Volkswagen Group.

Becoming and remaining a Volkswagen natural power client

How can I revoke my Volkswagen Naturstrom contract?

We regret that you wish to revoke your contract. Feel free to call us and we will advise you on suitable tariffs.

You are really sure you want to withdraw? In this case, please send us your revocation in writing within fourteen days of signing the contract via one of the following channels:

By email to vw-naturstrom-kundenservice@elli.eco

or by post to

Volkswagen Naturstrom
Postfach 67317X
11516 Berlin

How can I cancel my Volkswagen Naturstrom?

We regret you no longer wish to be our customer. Give us a call and we will be happy to advise you on suitable tariffs.

Do you still want to change? In that case, please send us your written termination notice via one of the following channels:

The easiest way for you to do this is via the Customer Portal.

Alternatively, you can also use our Cancellation Form.

For a postal submission, please use the following address:

Volkswagen Naturstrom
Postfach 67317X
11516 Berlin

I would like to remain a Volkswagen Naturstrom customer. How can I extend my contract?

We are delighted to hear that you would like to remain our customer. And best of all – you do not have to worry about anything. Your contract will automatically be extended for 12 months.

What happens to my power contract when I move?

If you move within Germany, your Volkswagen Naturstrom contract moves with you to your new location. All we need for the change in registration from your old home to your new home is the move-out date, meter reading at move-out, meter ID number of your new home, move-in meter reading and move-in date.

We will take care of the rest, so you can finalize your move in peace.

How long does it take to switch to Volkswagen Naturstrom?

If you have moved to a new home, you can start using the sustainable Volkswagen Naturstrom as soon as you move in. Retroactive registration is also possible for a maximum of six prior weeks, based on your move-in date.

If you are switching your electricity supplier, when you can receive Volkswagen Naturstrom depends on your contractual circumstances and period of notice with your previous electricity supplier. The wait period also depends on your local grid operator. If you do not have a notice period, you will receive Volkswagen Naturstrom for your home and electric vehicle around two weeks after successful contract signing.

Do I have to be a Volkswagen customer, or a customer of a brand from the Volkswagen Group, in order to join Volkswagen Naturstrom?

We would be delighted should you already be a customer of a Volkswagen Group brand; however, this is not a prerequisite for becoming a Volkswagen Naturstrom customer. We are more than happy to supply you with 100% green electricity throughout Germany – whether you are already a customer of a Volkswagen Group brand or not.

How can I become a Volkswagen Naturstrom customer?

You can become a Volkswagen Naturstrom customer in various ways. You can enter into a contract quickly and easily online, or alternatively, by telephone, should you prefer a personal consultation. You can reach us on 05361/3790 501 Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m..

The following information is required for your initial registration: Contact and payment data, meter ID number, meter reading, customer ID number at your previous supplier, and past consumption. If you have just moved in to a new location, we also need your move-in date, the meter ID number at the new property, and the current meter reading. You can then relax and wait for your electricity delivery confirmation, while we will take care of the rest.

Questions about discounts and the invoices

How can I avoid additional payments?

In order to avoid additional payments, we recommend that you regularly send us your meter reading. This can be done conveniently in the online customer portal or by telephone. If your consumption deviates significantly from your forecast consumption, we can adjust the budget billing plan to your needs. You can do this yourself in the customer portal or, alternatively, give us a call and we will be happy to advise you on your budget billing adjustment.

What's a deduction?

A deduction is a monthly installment of your total annual energy price. Once a year, your actual consumption is compared with all deductions you have paid. In order to assess the correct consumption, it is necessary that you, your meter point operator or your network operator send us your current meter reading. If you have overpaid based on your total consumption, you will be refunded the difference to your account. If you have consumed more Volkswagen Naturstrom than you have paid through your monthly installments, we will send you an invoice with for the amount outstanding.

When and how do I receive my invoice?

You will receive your invoice once a year or after the end of your supply of Volkswagen Naturstrom. In line with our environmentally conscious philosophy, you will receive your invoice online through our customer portal. Alternatively, you can opt to receive your invoice via mail.

My invoice is wrong. What should I do?

While we work at being thorough, mistakes may still occur occasionally. If you do not agree with your invoice, please contact our service team. We are always here to solve your problems.

The meter reading on my invoice does not match the value on the meter. Why?

There can be multiple reasons for this. One is if we did not have a meter reading available at the time the invoice was created. In this case, the invoice value is estimated based on comparison values or previous consumption. A time delay between invoicing and confirming the meter reading can also lead to discrepancies. If you are still unsure about the reason, give us a call and we will be more than happy to help you.

Good reasons for the Volkswagen Group and its brands

Who, or what, is Elli?

Elli is a brand of the Volkswagen Group. Elli stands for empowering electric life. Why is Elli called Elli and not Volkswagen? Quite simply, the Volkswagen Group founded the brand for new products related to charging, including Volkswagen Naturstrom. In the future, Elli will offer further energy-related products and services, but not cars.

The Volkswagen Group is in the business of making cars, so why now supply electricity?

Quite simply, we at Volkswagen Group want to be able to offer our customers both innovative electric vehicles and the associated products from a single source. Naturally, this also includes sustainable electricity for charging electric vehicles. In this way, the Volkswagen Group is making a significant contribution to tomorrow's mobility and the Energiewende.

We will stand by you as a reliable partner offering innovative (electric) vehicles, modern energy solutions and sustainable electricity.

Questions about the meter

What is a metering-point service provider?

Your metering-point operator is responsible for the installation, removal, operation and maintenance of your meter. Generally, your network operator is also your metering point operator. However, you are also free to choose your metering point operator – this is referred to as a competitive metering point operator.

What is a network operator?

The local grid operator is responsible for ensuring that your home is connected to the power grid so that you can be supplied safely and reliably with Volkswagen Naturstrom.

Who is responsible for my electric meter?

Your metering point operator is responsible for the electric meter (this is often your responsible network operator). They take care of the installation, removal, maintenance and operation of the meter. They are also responsible for repairing the meter in the event of a malfunction.

Who should I contact in the event of technical issues?

In the event of technical issues, please contact your local network operator or, in case of a defective meter, the responsible metering point operator. This is usually also the network operator.

When do I have to check my meter readings?

We need your current meter reading for your annual invoice. In some cases, the network operator responsible or an official metering point operator will take care of the reading. Should this not be the case, the responsibility falls to you.

We recommend that our customers send us their current meter readings at regular intervals. You can, for example, conveniently store these in the online customer portal on a monthly basis. This way, additional payments can be avoided and you can always keep track of your consumption and costs.

Where can I find my meter ID number?

You can find your meter number directly on your meter. You will need this number to register with an electricity provider.

Where can I find my electric meter?

The electric meter is usually in the basement or in your home. If you cannot find your electric meter, please contact your landlord or rental agent.