Price Indication for your Individual and Modular Installation

Individual Additional Services

In our webshop, you may order our Installation Starter Package. Our certified partner will professionally install and commission the wallbox. With this offer you only pay for services that you definitely need.

For other potential, individual services, you will receive a tailor-made offer from our local installation partner. Please consider, that depending on your local conditions such as the state of electrical infrastructure at your house, costs may vary. These individual costs will be calculated for you after the home check on-site.

For an indication of yourindividual costs, please answer the following questions:

When was the building you are living in constructed?

Has your fuse board been renewed within the last 20 years?

To analyse if there is sufficient space in the fuse board for a sub-distribution / further fuses

Select the picture which resembles your fuse board (ratio fuse and cover plates) most.


Empty cover plates > plates with fuses = Empty
Empty cover plates < plates with fuses = Full*

* we assume that an extension of your fuse board / sub distribution is needed

Is your parking lot equipped with an high voltage connection?

Note : Our chargers need a high voltage connection. In case there is none available, an appropriate connection needs to be installed. It is important that the high voltage current is not already being used for other devices (e.g. garage door). During the home check, the installer checks whether the existing power cable has been laid in accordance with applicable regulations.

Where is your fuse board located?

How far is the distance between your parking lot and the next power supply (fuse board)?

Note 1: Please measure along the walls between the fuse box and the wallbox.

  1. Start the measurement at the distribution/fuse box. Measure from the outer edge of it to the ceiling and from there to the first corner of the room.
  2. Make a note of this first measured value.
  3. Round up each measured value to half or whole metres (2.3m -> 2.5m; 2.6m-> 3m).
  4. Repeat the measurement until you are at the point where a wallbreakthrough is needed to enter the next room/go outside.
  5. Each wallbreakthrough adds 0.5m.
  6. Repeat these steps until you have reached the desired location for the wallbox.
  7. You have now determined the approximate cable length.

Note 2: Cables must not be routed through the bathroom and are always laid horizontally or vertically. The exact cable route will be defined during the Home Check (according to VDE directives).

Thank you! Your submission has been received!
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Thank you for answering the questions.

In your case, the additional offer from our installation partner will probably be (on top of the online price of our installation starter package). 1

Please consider:

The above questions and price indication consider standard residential conditions. In case of listed buildings, multi-dwelling houses, need of a LAN cable, excavation, ground work, installation of a dynamic load management solution as well as specific network operator requirements, you may incur further additional costs. You will receive an exact cost breakdown after the Home Check. Here you will find some orientation value for special work 1:

Dynamic Load Management: ~ 200 €
via CT-coils

Excavation / Ground work: 300-500€ / meter
Not covered by our installation partner. If needed, our local partner will support you finding a company.

1 Price indication, prices may vary depending on local conditions