Elli for Volkswagen

ID. Charger, We Charge, Volkswagen Naturstrom®

Volkswagen e-mobility for car owners and dealers has technology developed by Elli under the hood.

Volkswagen e-mobility

Solutions for Volkswagen drivers

It takes smart new solutions – and an ability to see a wider perspective – to power the move to electromobility and sustainable energy sources.

Out on the road, at home, and also in power generation.

ID. Charger

Our wallbox charges your vehicle fast – with up to 11 kW charge power.

You can control the internet enabled versions from anywhere. All you need is the app.

We Charge

With Elli as your mobility service provider, you have access to more than 600,000 public charging points throughout Europe – with the same app and charge card. Tariffs are totally flexible and transparent.

Volkswagen Naturstrom®

Reduce your personal carbon footprint with electricity based on renewable energy sources – generated with the future in mind.

Solutions for Volkswagen dealers

Elli offers dealers smart, easy-to-manage solutions for charging infrastructure for visitor parking, in showrooms and of course for their own employees.