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Sustainable electricity – smart, easy and good for the environment

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Your benefits with Volkswagen Naturstrom Connect

Discover why our Connect electricity tariff is a good choice, and how Smart Charging can benefit you and the environment:

More sustainability through Smart Charging

This is exactly what we address with our Smart Charging solution, ensuring that you only charge your vehicle at home when plenty of electricity is available from renewable sources. Together, we’re helping to reduce fossil fuel consumption. We’re also reducing the risk of ‘curtailment’: when so much renewable energy is produced that it could max out the grid, so is closed down. This actively reduces carbon emissions. Our calculations are checked and verified by TÜV Rheinland.

Safety & reliability

As a reliable partner, we guarantee you a power supply which is stable and dependable.

Maximum control & transparency

There are no hidden costs with our eco electricity tariff. Pricing is transparent and you can switch easily. What’s more, you can easily track and manage your charging sessions and costs via our free Naturstrom Connect app.

Up to €100 additional Smart Charging bonus per year

Collect points for every Smart Charging process of 7 kWh and more, and have up to €100 credited against your electricity bill annually. You earn the points when you charge your vehicle outside of typical hours. Learn more


All we need is a wallbox – any brand. No smart meter is required.
Volkswagen Naturstrom Connect currently supports all Volkswagen electric vehicles and various plug-in hybrids: ID.3, ID.4, e-Golf, e-up!, Passat GTE & Golf GTE. Support for all future ID models is planned.

Availability of
Green Power
Available loading time
We charge whenever there is a particularly large amount of sustainable electricity available.

This is how it works: Set up smart charging in 5 steps

Sign up for the Volkswagen Connect tariff
Sign up for the Volkswagen Connect tariff
Connect to your vehicle
Connect to your vehicle
Enter your scheduled departure time
Enter your scheduled departure time
By the scheduled departure time, your car will be fully charged – with green electricity.
By the scheduled departure time, your car will be fully charged – with green electricity.

Be part of the transition to renewable energy with Volkswagen Naturstrom Connect

Stay in control

With the free Volkswagen Naturstrom Connect app, you use Smart Charging completely automatically. You can check up on your charging processes and costs at any time. It’s a great way to make even better use of renewable energy!

  • Manage Smart Charging

  • Overview of your reward points

  • Check your charging processes

  • Your personal CO₂ avoidance

For more information and to download, click here:
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Be part of the transition to renewable energy

100% Naturstrom – 100% renewable

Electricity from 100% renewable sources for your home and electric vehicle. It’s easy, it’s affordable and it’s sustainable.


Active CO₂ avoidance

We automatically schedule your charging process for times when there are especially high volumes of renewable energy in the grid.

Expansion of renewable energies

We promote the expansion of renewable energies and sustainable power generation plants: it’s how we’re helping the transition to renewable energy.

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Frequently asked questions

Where does Volkswagen Naturstrom originate from?

Volkswagen Naturstrom is generated from eco-power plants in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

How long does it take to switch to Volkswagen Naturstrom?

If you have moved to a new home, you can start using the sustainable Volkswagen Naturstrom as soon as you move in. Retroactive registration is also possible for a maximum of six prior weeks, based on your move-in date.

If you are switching your electricity supplier, when you can receive Volkswagen Naturstrom depends on your contractual circumstances and period of notice with your previous electricity supplier. The wait period also depends on your local grid operator. If you do not have a notice period, you will receive Volkswagen Naturstrom for your home and electric vehicle around two weeks after successful contract signing.

What is my contract period?

The minimum contract period for your Volkswagen Naturstrom is 24 months. After this period, it will be automatically extended for 12 months.

Why is Smart Charging better for the environment?

In Germany, renewable electricity is generated primarily from wind and solar power. At certain times of day there is little sun or wind; at others, wind and sunshine are available in abundance. At particularly sunny or windy times, renewable energy plants may have to be closed off, or ‘curtailed’, so as not to overload the power grid.

With Volkswagen Naturstrom Connect, we charge your electric car precisely at times when there is a spike in production of renewable electricity. You’ll be helping to make better use of electricity from renewable sources.

How do I lower my electricity bill with Volkswagen Naturstrom Connect?

You receive one point from us for every Smart Charging session. After every 10 points collected, you get a discount of €5 on your electricity bill. The more points you collect, the higher your discount, up to a maximum of €100 per contract year.

How does the app connect with my vehicle?

Modern vehicles, especially electric cars and plug-in hybrids, usually have a SIM card. This connects the vehicle to a mobile network. The Volkswagen Naturstrom Connect Service uses the mobile network to connect to your vehicle for charging. The first time you use our Volkswagen Naturstrom Connect app, you enable the connection by entering your Volkswagen ID (identifier of your We Connect or myVolkswagen user account). You only have to do this once.

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