What is the Volkswagen Group Charging Network?

The Volkswagen Group Charging Network offers end users access to over 300,000 charging points operated by businesses and retailers of all types, municipal utilities, also car dealerships and Volkswagen Group sites.

With just a few clicks, you can integrate your charging stations into the Volkswagen Group Charging Network, make them available for public use – and earn revenue when stations are used for charging. Your charging point will appear in Volkswagen Group charging apps (e.g. Volkswagen We Charge, Škoda Powerpass and Elli), also in apps of many other Mobility  Service Providers or MSPs (e.g. EnBW mobility+, Plugsurfing) and roaming platforms (e.g. Hubject).

CPO - Charge point operator. That’s you!

Your charging station becomes part of a network, with other VW and Elli CPOs and external providers.

All the charging stations are offered to e-vehicle drivers via Mobility Service Providers (MSPs).